Crypto Social media network.

Blocktalks is built on the Binance Smart Chain network and will be integrated with the Arbitrum blockchain .

Smart Contract : 0x1540172b990D776610408451DB3D5Dc1a97775A6
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Discover Tokenomics

Find out about our tokenomics token, which can be your reference in the future to become part of Blocktalks holders.


Initial Supply

We release initial supply to Pancakeswap fairly, everyone can buy tokens easily in pancakeswap liquidity.
We put 40% initial supply into Pancake liquidity.

We allocate 2% of the total supply for the development of ecosystem systems and networks.




Burn to Deadwallet

We will burn 58% of the total supply to a dead wallet after its release on Pancakeswap.

Our Roadmaps

Q2(2023) - Released Blocktalks and Pancakeswap Liquidity.

We released the app version v1.1.0 and made a release to pancakeswap liquidity.

Q3(2023) - Marketing Development & Listing

Conduct marketing promotions and activate the referral feature to get bonuses from every referral in the Blocktalks system.

Q4(2023) - Update Features

Update features and add advertising features that use BLOCKS tokens to get a 20% discount.

Q1(2024) - Partnership

We will partner with a listing brokerage company to list BLOCKS tokens on several CEX Platforms.


Various Blocktalks features
that you can use now.

Know about our excellent features, you can use them now.


Instant messaging feature directly among users in real time.

Display Settings

Blocktalks display settings feature that we can manage.


Thread manager feature, which can save any of your favorite threads on Blocktalks.


The feature by which hashtags are anywhere these days is very so popular.